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Anna Akhmatova Love Poems

Here is a list of Anna Akhmatova Love Poems

  1. The Last Toast
  2. In The Evening
  3. I Wrung My Hands

A Nobel Prize for Literature nominee whose name is spoken with honor and deep respect, Anna Akhmatova is a symbol of the Russian modernism poetry movement of the 20th century. She concerned herself with the life common people and a woman’s fate (mother, wife, daughter and lover) and used their restless voices to reflect her own struggles and losses.

Anna began her career in 1912 by deciding to publish a couple of sentimental poems ‘I Wrung My Hands’ and ‘The Guest’ which instantly made her name famous, even though she had written about 200 pieces by that time. She was called ‘the keening muse’ by Boris Anrep to whom Akhmatova dedicated quite a few ballads being selflessly in love with him. Besides Anrep, the poetess used her outstanding talent writing affectionately about such infamous Russian men of letters like Alexander Block and Boris Pasternak.

Anna Akhmatova’s love poetry is highly sensitive, personal and intimate. She suffered both as a mother and as a wife whose son and husband were taken away to labor camps due to their opposition to the Soviet authority. Dark and gruesome motifs are an attempt of the poetess to connect victimized people and expose their pain in order to overcome her own sadness and grief.

However, she is never a pessimist but a life observer in her works. She writes passionately about love and praises it as a miracle that everyone should try at least once. Her verses are always full of enthusiasm and bravery, and her heart – full of faith. “If you were music, I would listen to you ceaselessly, and my low spirits would brighten up.”, says Anna Akhmatova and truly believes that love should survive at any cause.